Focus and Scope

Humanities & Language : Journal of Humanities, Linguistics, and Education (Humaniola) is a scholarly publication that aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and reach a diverse readership. The journal aims to advance the study of humanities worldwide, exploring various cultural perspectives and contexts. It publishes articles that delve into norms, values, worldviews, and symbolic meanings, with an emphasis on strengthening critical approaches, enhancing the quality of critique, and innovating methodologies in the investigation of  humanities.

Contributions to Humaniola can originate from a wide range of fields, including anthropology, history, archaeology, tourism, media studies, cultural linguistics, and ethnographic literature. However, these articles are expected to be presented within the context of culture and contribute to the development of a critical understanding of  rich and diverse cultural heritage.

The journal also welcomes research articles and book reviews in the field of Linguistics. It encompasses studies in micro linguistics, such as phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics, as well as macro linguistics, including sociolinguistics, pragmatics, anthropological linguistics, eco-linguistics, and more.

Furthermore, Humaniola incorporates education-related topics, such as teaching methods, assessment techniques, and other pertinent subjects.

The journal exclusively accepts original research articles and book reviews that align with its scope and adhere to rigorous academic standards. It serves as a platform for scholars to contribute to the critical discourse, promote interdisciplinary research, and deepen our understanding of Indonesian humanities, linguistics, and education.